LavaSuite - getting on with marketing

LavaSuite is a complete digital marketing solution in a single suite. Intuitively designed, it offers WYSIWYG content management, so you can browse, edit and publish site content as it will appear in real time.

The first of its kind, LavaSuite also integrates web management tools that normally sit outside a CMS, including web analytics, search engine optimisation, email marketing, e-commerce and campaign management.  So what makes LavaSuite different?

  • Developed for the Marketers - Many systems are commonly developed for use by technical departments but LavaSuite is different. Created with the online marketer and digital business manager firmly in mind, it combines the most powerful digital technologies and transforms them into a suite that’s easy to use. It therefore allows you to focus on marketing to your customers, without worrying about the "how's and why's" or getting involved with the technology.
  • Flexible, responsive and secure - You can build your site faster using LavaSuite and increase the speed of implementation and response. It delivers a system that is flexible, scalable, secure and can deal with high levels of traffic.
  • More time to ‘get on with marketing’ - Having multiple online marketing applications can means wasted time for marketers who end up managing suppliers and moving data around. As a completely integrated solution LavaSuite eliminates this issue allowing you to get on with the important things such as optimising and improving conversion rates.
  • A single suite for a single cost - As LavaSuite has all core e-business elements embedded within it, the risks and costs associated with buying and integrating each of the applications separately are eliminated. Of course you don’t have to use or implement each element as part of a development if you don’t want to. However, everything is there as and when you need it. LavaSuite is easy to learn, offers rich CMS functionality at a fraction of the cost of major "enterprise-wide" products and already supports over 100 websites globally, serving tens of thousands of concurrent users.